Capabilities to Meet Your Needs

Get technical advice that goes beyond just solving your current problem. Learn more about mixing to improve all of your processes and equipment. Mixing is much more than just one application and is found in almost all process industries. The mixing process is often the one that takes raw materials and converts them to products. Failure to take advantage of mixing can lead to many other problems. Get the best advice available. Contact MixTech for more information:

Conculting Services



Process Improvement - Review of an existing process to decide whether changes in mixing or operating procedures can improve product quality or yield.

Pilot Plant Development - Review and recommend methods for obtaining useful results from pilot tests. Suggest methods for scale-up to successful large scale processes.

Short Courses - Training seminars on Basic Mixing, Scale-up of Mixing, Powder Mixing, Advanced Mixing, and Glass-lined Reactors

Plant Review - Review all the mixer operations in a plant to find where improvements in processes or equipment may be possible.

Equipment Specifications - Help to develop specifications for new or modified equipment.

Proposal Evaluation - Review equipment proposals, evaluate features, and recommend selections.

Expert Witness - Experienced technical evaluations of litigation issues involving mixing equipment or processes.

Engineering Services - Additional engineering assistance on various processes or equipment.